I will develop woocommerce website and store

Service Link :- http://bit.ly/35vMjP8


➽ Responsive design

➽ Popups, Megamenu

➽ Checkout form, Contact page

➽ On-page SEO & Speed optimization

➽ Payment Gateways setup(PayPal, Stripe, Square)

➽ Product category creation

➽ Product Upload with variations

➽ Discount coupon codes

➽ Shipping, Delivery & Inventory Management

➽ Chatbot service support

➽ Mailchimp Integration

➽ Shop & Category Template design

➽ Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Plugin

And much more….


★ Coffee : https://joecoffeecompany.com/

★ Automotive : https://car2go-biludlejning.dk/koege/


★ Flickr Sample Store : https://flic.kr/s/aHsmK6Fhnu

Service Link :- http://bit.ly/35vMjP8

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Front End Engineer | JavaScript Developer

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