Do you want to translate your WordPress website or woo-commerce store?Do you want it to be in multiple language?If yes then I can help you.

Why will you choose me?

⚫ Manually Translation(Client will provide the content)

⚫ Automatically translation(With google translator)

⚫ Add Language switcher on the header/footer with flag image

⚫ Multi-language setup

⚫ WPML woo-commerce integration

Don’t forget, my inbox exists! Feel free to drop me a DM/Message, I’m very willing to help out!

Thanks for visiting my gig!

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If we write code there will must be create some errors. It’s a good way to not to understand there are error in the application. From this thinking there comes the name of Error Handling. Today we’ll discuss about this. For this we’ll use try…catch statements.

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash
  1. Try Statements: It’s consist…